United Martial Arts International Guild and World Budo Kai are Multi Style Martial Arts organisations encompassing many different disciplines of Martial Arts: Ju Jitsu, Kung Fu, Aikido, Karate and Tai Chi amongst many others.

Both organisations have the following common objectives:

  1. To promote a spirit of unity with common goals and ideals within the Martial Arts Community.
  2. To teach all the disciplines of martial arts to the very highest of standards through a common grading system through a progression of coloured belts to Dan Grade - Black belt and beyond. 
  3. To promote a feeling of well being, both physically and spiritually through the teachings and philosophies of all the martial arts

The World Budo Kai and United Martial Arts ensures that all its instructors have Public Liability Insurance and all students have an individual third party student accident policy as part of their membership.

We offer half day training courses giving our students the opportunity to train together either within their own style or system or to practice and grade in another system. Students also have the opportunity to learn the traditional revival system of Katsu and The Therapeutic Healing System of Zen Shin Katsu in conjunction with many of the BUDO Courses

Competition Days are held and Organised by Colin Sangwin during the year with Groundwork and Kata Competitions.

The United Martial Arts International Guild was Founded by Soke Norman Sangwin, 11th Dan, in 1979 after a lifetime of teaching and promoting many systems in Martial Arts, while the World Budo Kai originates from Australia.

Click here to download our licence application form. The form should be completed, printed and handed to club instructors with fee for processing.

For more information about joining us as a Full or associate Member, and to gain such benefits as CRB checks and various courses please email us at info@worldbudokai.co.uk