Soke Colin Sangwin

9th Dan U.M.A

Chief Executive, U.M.A

From a very young age Soke Colin Sangwin studied many disciplines within the Martial Arts. His father, Soke Norman Sangwin, first introduced him to Judo and Kung Fu in 1955, followed by Ju Jitsu later on. He attained his black belt in Judo in 1970.

Colin served in the 16th Parachute Regiment, Royal Engineers in the 1970s and continued to teach Martial Arts during his time in the Army, training in Hong Kong, Canada and many other countries. He became Head of the United Martial Arts Association as a result of Soke Norman Sangwin’s retirement in 2006, then achieving  9th Dan in Ju Jitsu in April 2009.

+ Soke Norman Sangwin

11th Dan M.A, Founding member of the United Martial Arts International Guild

+ Mandy Joules

4th Dan U.M.A, Executive Officer, U.M.A

+ Kyoshi Angela O'Connor

8th Dan M.A, Chief Executive, World Budo Kai