Soke Norman Sangwin

11th Dan M.A

Founding member of the United Martial Arts International Guild

Soke Sangwin started to learn the art of  Ju Jitsu at the age of 12 in 1940. His early teachings were by the son of a missionary who had returned to England from China and Japan just prior to World War Two. Then later he was taught by two Canadian merchant seamen who were Dan Grades in Judo and  Ju Jitsu. In 1947 he began teaching Judo and  Ju Jitsu at the Hull Young Peoples Institute, and in 1949 he went on to attain his 1st Dan in  Ju Jitsu. 

In the late 1950s he attained his 1st Dan in Judo. It was during this time that he was introduced to a Mr Harry Arman, a 4th Dan well into his seventies who had studied under various Japanese Masters in the early 1900s. It was he who introduced Soke Sangwin to the Arts of Katsu and Kwappo (the Arts of resuscitation). 

By 1960 Soke Sangwin was training under Mr Norman Grundy, 7th Dan and had become a member of the Amateur Judo Association and the British Judo Council of Europe. Over ensuing years he has taught Martial Arts to the Airborne Forces, East Riding Police, and had been employed by the East Riding of Yorkshire Education Department. In 1974 he formed the Martial Arts Associated Clubs - a multi style Martial Arts organisation. By the 1980s, after many years of training and teaching Martial Arts, Soke Sangwin accepted the title of Kyoshi 8th Dan Master of Budo in the Nippon Dai Budo Kai Federation. He was also presented to Soke Innoue of Japan, and recognised for his contribution to Martial Arts. 

Later he founded the United Martial Arts International Guild under the Martial Arts Development Commission, and also founded the Guild of Healing Practitioners under which the Martial Art related therapies of Zen Shin Katsu and Japanese finger pressure therapy gained recognition. Soke Sangwin continued into his eighties to promote Martial Arts and ethical standards in teaching. He was supported throughout, by his wife Hilda Sangwin (3rd Dan in Judo). Hilda became a National Champion in the 1960s for the A.J.A at Swiss Cottage, London. 

Soke Sangwin's family play a prominent part in continuing his years of hard work and international recognition within the organisation. His eldest son Colin Sangwin attained a 9th Dan in  Ju Jitsu and 4th degree in Kung Fu after a distinguished career in the army's 16th Parachute Regiment, which gave him the chance to study Martial Arts and traditional Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong and Brunei. He now teaches in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Colin’s daughter, Jennifer Sangwin Also attained a 1st Dan in  Ju Jitsu. Richard Sangwin, his youngest son has attained a 7th Dan in  Ju Jitsu and has won competition silver and gold medals in numerous Championships. Soke Sangwin’s daughters are not without notable achievement. Kathleen attained a 1st Dan in Judo and studied Zen Shin Katsu. She gained qualifications in Reflexogy and Hypnotherapy to enhance her knowledge of traditional Eastern Therapies. Angela Has attained an 8th Dan in Ju Jitsu, 5th Degree Kung Fu and 4th Dan Judo. After her return from Australia, Angela attained Master level in Zen Shin Katsu, Diplomas in Acupuncture (Acupuncture College of Melbourne) and Aromatherapy, and has taught Alternative Therapies for local Authorities (E.R.Y.C.C) and the U.M.A.I.G. 

Soke Sangwin remained a practising exponent of the Martial Arts and healing systems into his eighties. He was an inspiration and a mentor to three generations of Martial Artists in the United Kingdom and Australia. However, in February 2010, he was forced to fight a new battle – he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. The consultant informed the family that the medical services could do nothing, and that three months was all that we could expect to have him with us. 

He utilised all of his knowledge of the Martial and healing arts to combat his most devastating opponent. With the support of his colleagues and family he continued to teach and practice Zen Shin Katsu months after diagnosis. Soke Sangwin passed peacefully at home on 6th October 2010, age 82 years. An inspiration, a mentor and a friend to many.

+ Soke Colin Sangwin

9th Dan U.M.A, Chief Executive, U.M.A

+ Mandy Joules

4th Dan U.M.A, Executive Officer, U.M.A

+ Kyoshi Angela O'Connor

8th Dan M.A, Chief Executive, World Budo Kai